Brighton Marathon – 145 days


Time really is flying by and it’s nearly time for me to start my Marathon training plan. I will soon be training for a marathon. That. Is. Terrifying. I’ve put together my own schedule using a Hal Higdon plan I found through Google, tweaked to fit the races I want to do and a lovely friend off the Running Bug has edited it to fit in with how ‘fit’ I am right now.

How have I been preparing to train for a marathon?

  • Ideally, I wanted to have a good running base and be strength and cross training at least once a week. In reality, I have the running base but not the strength/ cross training. I do still have 2 1/5 weeks to incorporate both of these but it probably won’t happen.
  • Researching/ creating a training plan
  • Spending too many hours looking at trainers I want to get. I have no idea if they’re even suitable for my gait but I reeeeeally would love a pair of Brooks Ghost 8s to run in
  • Researching races to fit in with my schedule. I have a 10 miler & 2 half marathons written into my plan, the HM in March is supposed to have 7 miles tacked onto the end to bring it up to 20 miles and my longest run. I have been advised that may not be possible in reality and it would also be a week earlier than I’d wanted. It’s proving very hard to find a 20 mile race, in the Norfolk area on the Easter weekend…
  • Re-joined slimming world in the hope to drop some weight before training starts. Let’s just say, it’s not happening.



Brighton marathon 2016 – 320 days to go

Time is moving on quickly, I last posted 48 days ago which means I’ve now got less than a year till my marathon debut. I’m nervous, excited and anxious all rolled into one, my stomach sure is enjoying all those feelings.

I’ve booked my accommodation through Travelodge (edited as the original booking didn’t happen) for 2 nights and have been using My Asics to create a half marathon training plan for the PGER on the 11th October 2015 where I’m hoping to get a PB (2:19:23) before settling into the pre-conditioning phase of the My Asics marathon plan.

In preparation for the marathon, I’ve signed up to Weight Watchers in yet another attempt to lose weight and have been running 3 days a week now for 3 months. I want to also incorporate at least 1 x cross training session a week and to build in strength training exercises to my routine. I’ve been a physiotherapist about every 3 weeks so is helping to banish those niggles before they become serious.

Has anyone got any helpful hints or tips for a first time marathoner?

Any good advice for the Brighton Marathon?